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Published on October 29th, 2013 | by Manoj


Children’s Books We Love – Fall/Winter 2013

One of the greatest things that could be passed on to a child was passed on to my son by my wife – the love of books. Well before he was 1 year old, she would start reading to him every night. Despite being a writer myself, I can’t say that I’m much of a reader – the time that goes by between my attempts to read a new book is measured in years. I was astonished to see how quickly and early in his life my son was able to develop focus, pick favorites, understand subject matter, and presently at just 2 years of age, his ability to complete lines from memory of the books you read to him aloud. Seeing these qualities in my son develop is what prompted me to create my first children’s book. So it goes without saying, dads, that you should read to your kids often and as early possible. DON’T be like I was and assume that it’s something they’re too young for.

All that said, here’s a list of some great children’s books that your kids will enjoy and make great gifts for all children.

Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills

rocket-writes-a-storyWhy you should get this book:

Tad Hills has rather masterfully created a character – Rocket the dog – in this series who discovers the joy of reading. The first book in the series – How Rocket Learned to Read – is also a New York Times bestseller. Your kids will enjoy the fact that this charming little dog is learning about words and reading right along with them. Furthermore, the illustrations are bright and colorful, and the Rocket’s other animal friends add to the fun. They’re a joy to look at. Though the length and content of the story makes this book ideal for children who are a little older – 2 or 3 years old – I’ve been reading this story to my son since he was less than a year old and he has always been drawn in by the flow and sound of the words and the fantastic illustrations. This also gives the book longevity in your library. Your children can appreciate it for a few years on different levels.

Buy Rocket Writes a Story on Amazon.com

id-know-you-anywhere-my-loveI’d Know You Anywhere, My Love by Nancy Tillman

Why you should get this book:

These books in the You Are Loved series by Nancy Tillman allow children to understand the limitless love their parents have for them. When you can’t seem to find the right words to tell your little children how you feel about them – which you NEED to do, by the way – read a book by Nancy Tillman to them. This book has a way of using simple words and rhyming phrases combined with her dream-like illustrations to convey a very deep concept – that children are known to their parents in a unique and unmistakable way – in a manner that does not overwhelm children. The writing is incredibly soothing, making this an ideal bedtime book. The subject matter of the illustrations in all of her books are animals – which every child I know loves.

Buy I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love on Amazon.com

me-with-youMe With You by Kristy Dempsey

Why you should get this book:

I happened upon this book at a discount bookstore I randomly walked into during an outing with my son. The cover just called out to me from the shelves because of the heartwarming illustration of a father bear and his child. After I quickly read through it – it’s not a very long book – I fell in love with its message. This book casts light on an aspect of our relationships with our children that many other children’s books don’t: that the sum of our shared experiences as a family together outweigh our individual qualities. Kristy Dempsey does a wonderful job of capturing this with short, poignant rhyming verses. The illustrations have amazing charm and character – your kids will eat them up. I also loved that the book focused on a father’s relationship with his child and that child’s perception of the father. Given the flow of the language and the illustration, this is a good bedtime story that I’d recommend across the full age spectrum of little children.

Buy Me With You on Amazon.com

my-very-own-pirate-taleMy Very Own Pirate Tale by Maia Haag

Why you should get this book:

We received this book as a gift for my son’s birthday. I had never heard of it before or the company behind it. However, after we read it with my son a few times, we realized what a great gift this book was. The book, produced by I See Me! Inc., is a personalized story book for your child. ¬†When you order it online, you can enter details about the child you’re purchasing it for – like name, gender and date of birth – and it gets incorporated into the story and illustrations itself. I found the writing to be fairly average, but the cool factor here is that you can have a book in your child’s library that’s completely customized for them. As mentioned, this would make a great book for your child or any of the young children in your life. And being that it uses spelling elements in the story, I’ve found that it does help children learn the letters of their name. I’d recommend this for all ages of little children.

Buy My Very Own Pirate Tale from I See Me!

goodnight-little-oneGoodnight Little One by Margaret Wise Brown

Why you should get this book:

Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon is, in my humble opinion, the quintessential bedtime book. Even as an adult, I have a hard time fighting off the urge to tuck myself into a big comfy bed and slip away into my dreams when I read that book to my son. Goodnight Little One follows in the same tradition. This book has been released with more contemporary illustrations that your child will love. They are soft and cuddly, fitting the simple rhyming phrases of the book. I was astonished to see my child able to finish the sentences of this book from memory as we read it to him – a testament to the beautiful simplicity of Margaret Wise Brown’s writing style. If you’re looking for a great bedtime book, look no further.

Buy Goodnight Little One on Amazon.com

steam-train-dream-trainSteam Train Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker

Why you should get this book:

There is a fascination with trains that many children have – the origins of which I have yet to fully ascertain. But I can tell you authoritatively that it does exist, particularly among little boys, and seeing that fascination somehow reminds me I was a child once too. Take that fascination and couple it up (pun intended) with whimsical storyline crafted by Sherry Duskey Rinker and some amazing illustration, and you get Steam Train Dream Train. This book takes your child along for a night ride with a one-of-a-kind train and its passengers’ bedtime ritual. Animals and race cars and dinosaurs – all ride in this train and get ready for bed along with your child. The words are calming and entertaining. I’d recommend this books for all little children. It will make a great addition to your home library.

Buy Steam Train Dream Train on Amazon.com

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