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Published on June 29th, 2013 | by Manoj


Dad Men’s Mission 2013: Show Hope

When I first started thinking about Dad Men Walking a few months ago, my thoughts centered around creating a blog that conveyed a few fatherhood experiences and a few sandwich recipes. By the time we launched in June, I started to see more possibilities for this website. For starters, the way we were growing and organizing our information meant that we could be much more than a blog – which is why we now call ourselves a web magazine. Next, the more I started to talk to people about our web magazine, the more interest I saw in those people to be a part of it – which is why you’ll start seeing more articles from an amazing lineup of guest contributors over the next several weeks. Beyond the content of the site, however, I started to see the possibility for this web magazine to actually help people in a more meaningful way. And that ‘more meaningful way’ is what this announcement is about.

I’m proud to announce the first of the Dad Men’s Missions. The objective of these ‘missions’ is simple – to raise funds and awareness for some of the best charitable organizations based in the United States. More specifically, we want to commit to helping one charity each calendar year, every year, to the best of our ability.

The Dad Men’s Mission for 2013 is to support Show Hope, based in Franklin, Tennessee.

Established in 2003 as Shaohannah’s Hope, Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth initially founded Show Hope out of their desire to see more children find their way into forever families. Though many families they talked to were willing to adopt, the financial costs of adoption were simply too high. Originally named after the Chapman’s first adopted daughter, Shaohannah Hope Chapman, Shaohannah’s Hope has grown far beyond the initial vision of helping a few orphans find homes. In 2009, after changing the name to Show Hope, this organization has seen an amazing explosion in growth. From a six-story caring facility in China, equipped to provide surgeries and medical care to special needs orphans, to multiplying the effects of the adoption grant program by assisting churches in setting up their own adoption funds, Show Hope continues to expand its remarkable worldwide impact.

From the revenue we generate from the advertising on Dad Men Walking, as well as future merchandise and events we offer, we will donate a sizable portion to Show Hope by Christmas this year.

We are all about fatherhood. We couldn’t think of a better organization for us to support this year than one that helps orphaned children who need fathers and mothers.

Please join us in this mission. Share the articles you like with your friends, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, engage in discussions on the articles as well. The more our readership grows, the greater effect our mission will have. With your help, we can do amazing things.

Thanks for your support!

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