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Published on June 1st, 2013 | by Tom


Eat…or eat not, there is no ‘try’

My wife and I got very lucky with our son in terms of his eating habits. He loves to eat and he has never fallen into the category of ‘picky eaters’. In fact, this is how our son told us he was ready for solid food:

My wife witnesses my son express "DO WANT!"

However, there are times when he gets hooked on a specific food and isn’t interested in anything else. While I’m overjoyed when asks for more vegetables, I wish he would eat the chicken, steak, etc. his mother and I (OK, mostly his mother) worked hard to prepare. So I would beg him to “try” some chicken. “Just try it. One bite.” You literally ate this some 24 hours ago and loved it, but tonight it’s somehow poisonous.

We slowly started to learn that he had picked up on us using the word “try” when something was new, which subsequently made him suspicious. What we also learned, however, was that he does have an innate desire to emulate my wife and me…which we thought we could use to our advantage.

As an experiment I asked him if he wanted to have some of my chicken. “Daddy’s chicken. Chicken is daddy’s favorite. Daddy loves chicken and he’ll share some of his chicken with you.”

This is of course a white lie I tell my child to get him to eat protein. In reality, chicken isn’t even in my top 5 favorite meats. What are my favorite meats you ask? Brisket, Pastrami, BBQ pork spare ribs (beef ribs are also worth an honorable mention), steak (I actually prefer a NY Strip to a Filet Mignon or Prime Rib) and, of course, BACON. But I digress…

My wife and I have used this small bit of social engineering to introduce a lot of foods my son might have otherwise been wary of. Just the other day he was devouring some guacamole which he had passed up several times in the past. Once we got him to actually ‘try’ it, his eyes lit up and almost seemed to say “Where has this delicious stuff been all my short life?”

This may not work for all kids but it seems to work well for our little guy.

To paraphrase master Yoda, “Eat…or eat not, there is no try.”

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