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Published on June 18th, 2013 | by John


The Hamburger

Hamburgers are few and far between in my home lately.

So when my wife asks me, “Do you want avocado on your burger?” and gets a response like “No way!” I don’t understand why I have to explain myself.

It’s a perfectly good piece of meat with cheese and ketchup.

Why the hell would I put healthy on it?!?


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renovates and operates multi-family buildings in the Hudson Valley area of New York. His biggest job is being a father of two girls. He used to sit and read a lot, but is now a father of two girls. Fond of audio books, podcasts and all types of easily accessible information because he is a father of two girls. Active and healthy except while in the good company of other dads - which usually involves grilling meat and drinking beer.

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