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Published on June 1st, 2013 | by Ernie


The Wife’s Away Tea

I fancy myself a pretty progressive dad – well, maybe not in ALL aspects when it comes to my kids – but in the sense that I’m not of the Don Draper mold…

  • Handsome (…check)
  • Respected by my colleagues (…check)
  • Enjoys a nice drink in the middle of the afternoon (…CHECK)

Seriously though…I’m speaking more of the fact that from day one, I’ve been involved in the duties traditionally handled by the matriarch of the family. I’ve changed diapers. I’ve been up in the middle of the night rocking a crying baby back to sleep. I give baths, pack lunches, lay out clothes for school and even drop off at school.

But this week, I had to not only assume my standard duties, but everything else. See, my wife is a middle school educator and was away on a trip for 2 nights and 3 days (a total of 60+ hours). Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t travel for business, but when I do, I am not responsible for other people’s kids.

Well, given the increased duties and elevated stress levels from prepping kids for the day (packing lunch, making beds, putting out clothes and dropping off at school), going to work and then leaving early to pick them up from school, prep snacks, make dinner, baths, read, and bed, the change in routine takes its toll on me at the end of each day.

Given that and the sudden increase in outside temperature we’ve experienced lately, I was looking for a cool and refreshing drink to take the edge off and calm my last nerve (the one my kids know how to get on) each night my wife was away. Enter The Wife’s Away Tea. I found this to be a brisk drink that was exactly what I needed while I was a single parent temporarily.


(I won’t bore anyone with exact measurements because I pour heavy and I like strong drinks.)

  1. Fill a pint glass with as much ice as desired.
  2. Mix equal parts of Lemonade and Bourbon (I prefer Wild Turkey 101).
  3. Add a splash of Iced Tea.
  4. Enjoy (and repeat steps 1-3 if necessary).

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